Why Is Marriage Registration Important

Unlike in some western countries, marriage is taken very seriously in India and has far-reaching social and personal implications.

Marriage registration is important for multiple reasons: it gives you knowledge of your family history, which can come in handy when you need to fill out government job applications or other official documents like a passport.

Registering your marriage is not only important so you can learn more about your familial status, but also to gain information on your spouse’s family. This way, you can learn about their financial stability and more.

You are changing your name after marriage is simple with these steps.

If you want to marry, you must apply with the local registrar’s office. You may do so by visiting a registrar’s office and filling out a form.

The following are some of the reasons why marriage registrations are so crucial:

  • To obtain a passport,
  • You must apply for a visa.
  • Filing your income tax returns
  • The process of applying for and obtaining a driver’s license
  • To open a bank account…
  • For real estate transactions
  • To find employment
  • To buy a property or apartment
  • To receive government benefits,
  • To be eligible to receive a pension,
  • To gain insurance
  • To utilize medical services
  • To access educational services,
  • Other government programs may be availed.
  • To be accepted into a college/university,
  • To set up your kid as an adult.
  • If you want to change your spouse’s name
  • To adopt a child who is not yet a legal adult
  • To get a divorce, you must go through a divorce lawyer.
  • The process of obtaining a passport
  • To get a new passport
  • If you want to get a passport with a different name
  • To get a passport for someone with false documents
  • Getting a new passport is simple if yours has been lost.
  • To get a passport to travel abroad.

The advantages of getting married in India

There are several advantages to getting married, but one of the most significant is that you will be able to obtain a passport. Registering your marriage enables you not only to get a passport but also other documents such as a driving license and bank accounts.

Another perk of registering your marriage is the ability to file joint tax returns. Forms may be completed online with ease. You don’t have to go to the workplace this way.


Once you finish the registration process, you can open a bank account. Many banks provide a variety of options for establishing bank accounts. For a hassle-free process, submit your marriage certificate when you start your application.


If you’re hitched, you can take advantage of free government benefits like municipal water and electricity. Be sure to keep your marriage certificate close so that claiming these perks is a total breeze.


The government offers benefits and services to those who are registered as married.

How to Register a Marriage in India

There are two ways to have your marriage recognized. The first is done at the Marriage Registrar Office (MRO). There are two ways you can register your business: online or through a Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s office.

You can now register your marriage through the MRO!

A marriage registrar is a government employee who is in charge of recording marriages. He is in charge of maintaining records of births, deaths, and weddings. Every time he registers a marriage, the wedding details are recorded.

Registration of marriages is the task of Marriage Registrars, typically appointed by local authorities. They keep records of births, deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions and other similar events.

There is no need for a Marriage Registrar in the United States if you have a common law marriage. However, it is critical to register your marriage as soon as possible.

Marriage Registration through a Sub-Divisional Officer

The state governments establish or appoint sub-divisional magistrates. They also provide social services and enforce public health, sanitation, and education laws. They are charged with keeping track of birth, death, and marriages in their region.

Sub-divisions are administrative units that come under a district’s administration. Each sub-division has at least one SDM who is in charge.

Not only are SDMs responsible for keeping tabs on marriages and divorces, but they also issue marriage licenses.a

Documents needed to register.

The original birth certificate is required for this document.


  1. Certification of Death (if applicable)
  2. Proof of Address and Identity card
  3. The Aadhaar card
  4. Divorce Certificate (if you have one)
  5. Copy Passport
  6. driver’s license, passport
  7. Bill for a landline phone
  8. voter ID card
  9. license to drive
  10. Marriage Certificate
  11. Income Tax Forms
  12. Original Documents
  13. Your monthly electricity bill
  14. The Water Bill
  15. Phone Bill Statement
  16. Proof of Address and Identity card
  17. Your monthly phone bill
  18. Drivers License
  19. Your monthly electricity bill
There are two ways to have your marriage recognized. The first is done at the Marriage Registrar Office (MRO). There are two ways you can register your business: online or through a Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s office.


The above article discusses the importance of marriage registration. If you have any queries about how to register, get in touch with the specialists at Marriage Registration. We’ll be delighted to give you a customized answer.