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Dastaavej law firm

At Dastaavej Law Firm, we provide a wide range of legal services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With our team of
highly skilled and 10 yeras+ experienced attorneys, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional legal representation and
personalized solutions. Whether you are an individual, a small business owner, or a large corporation, we have experienced lawyers, CA, CS. who is expert in their field they will assist you with practical knowledge for your legal matters.

Key Expertise:
  • Court Marriage
  • Registration Of Marriage
  • Special Marriage Act
  • NRI Marriage
  • Name Change
  • Adoption
  • Attestation/Appostille 
  • Divorce

Dastaavej & Associate

Our Law Firm Offering the outstanding services for all individuals and all type of Business.

Court Marriage

We Specialised in court marriage and as per the client’s need, we can follow up procedures and get it done in One -day or Thirty -Days.


legal Adoption is something very important Document for a Couple who is adopting the kids for the sake of future proceedings like passport, visa, migration, and other Govt. Documentation.

Registration of Marriage

We have Stong hand in the registration of marriage, we help to register  Special Marriage, Hindu Marriage, Cristen Marriage, Muslim Marriage, NRI Marriage As well as Foreigner Marriage. 

Attestation / Appostille

we help you to get your documents attested by a Notary Public, the Embassy, the Ministry of External Affairs, and MOFA. Etc.

Name Change

if you are looking forward to changing your name in a legal way, just connect with us for the Best Advice for a name change or Change the Religion. 

Mutual Divorce

Mental peace is the most precious thing for anyone’s growth,  We help couples resolve their issues with mutual consent and with good understanding.

Company Registration

We Specialised in court marriage and as per the client’s need, we can follow up procedures and get it done in One -day or Thirty -Days.


Save your Brand From Copy Cats its important to save your identity and register for Trademark, we have Special Team for your support.

Trust / NGO Section-8 Company

We are Expert in Society, NGO, Trust, and Section-8 Companies, we have delivered a number’s of Companies and Trust’s without any hassles and within given timeline.. 

Property Documents

Securing Your Property: Our meticulous approach ensures the proper handling of property papers. From title deeds to legal documents, we review, verify, and assist in the preparation of all necessary paperwork, providing you with peace of mind and a solid foundation for your property transactions.

Civil & Criminal Cases

Our team members are  +10 years of experience and give advice and services with practical knowledge and experience.

as our knowledge is our asset you will be impressed with the desired results.

NRI Marriage

Nowadays people are moving in different countries and they have very less time to complete the proceeding of marriage registration as well as they face a lot of hardels in documentation so we give them a comfortable zone and hassle-free services.

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