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Documents for Court Marriage In Delhi NCR:

Procedure of Court Marriage in Delhi NCR

Delhi being the capital city of India is a hub for people from different parts of India. People often have to visit Delhi for their careers and other reasons, which results in many marriages taking place either among people from two different states or even between two people from the same state but residing in different cities. To avoid complications that arise out of cross state marriages, the government has laid down certain marriage laws that must be followed by all those who wish to get court married.

How To Register Your Marriage?

As a responsible citizen of this country, it is your duty to register your marriage with the authorities concerned as per the provisions of law. It is compulsory to register your marriage within 30 days from the date of solemnization. The time for registration has been extended now up to 90 days from the said wedding ceremony so you have ample amount of time available now. Now if you are wondering as how to go about it then let me tell you that the process is very simple and can be completed within a day or two provided all information and proofs required are furnished in front correctly.

Application Charges for Registration:

  • Application Fee for Registration: Rs. 100/-
  • For Solemnization: 150/-

Other Requirements For Court Marriage in Delhi NCR:

  • Name and signature of the bride and the bridegroom along with the form.
  • The minimum age of the bride should be 18 years and the bridegroom should be 21 years to apply for the marriage certificateProof of temple marriage from priest, if required
  • Other than age proof, ration card or any other id proof is also required.
  • A copy of the marriage invitation is to be submitted along with these documents along with the marriage photo pasted on a paper.
  • Witnesses from both the sides.
  • In case of any other required documents both the partners should submit them without fail to get the marriage registered.

The legitimacy Of Court Marriage In Delhi NCR

If you really want to get married under court marriage in Delhi NCR then we can help. You don’t need to worry about the legal issues and other formalities. We Advise you about how properly manage your ceremonies. Court marriage is a Legal way of getting married without much problems and time so people take this option. It takes very less time to complete all the legal formalities and get married. It is done under the supervision of the court, judges or magistrate.

Once you get married under court marriage in Delhi NCR then it would be legally binding for life. You can choose any date, place and venue irrespective of caste, religion, color or nationality where your ceremony will take place without facing any problems from family members or relatives. We assure you that you will not face any embarrassment during this process because we have a team who are well versed in this area and they provide their services with ultimate dedication ensuring customer satisfaction .

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